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    About Our Digital Signage

    In today’s technology era, Digital Signage (information display solutions) have become an effective way to inform and communicate across the organization. Whether it is corporate communications to employees or customers, or messages of upcoming programs and events in collages and hospitals, or in-store messages in retail showrooms, digital signage delivers specific and dynamic content to target audience.

    NETCAST SYSTEMS, through its relationship with leading players in the industry brings you wide range of solutions. Our solutions help organisations to deliver a variety of dynamic information using audio, video, still, or moving images to their target audience. 

    Digital Signage features: 
    • Electronic information display systems to showcase information
    • Present useful information, images, videos and other messages at an eye catching position
    • Communicate information such as messages, announcements, emergency bulletins and event promotions
    • Helps in way finding and building navigation, including digital maps, building directories, and available student services.
    • Helps in efficient distribution of content over network of multiple displays
    • Central monitoring for easy management
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