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    Customer Flow Management Solutions

    Manage service areas effectively, reduce waiting times & improve service efficiency, deploy a Queue Management System. Our QMS solutions are more than just printing tickets, calling clients and only guarantee Customer satisfaction, you also get comprehensive   business analytics that aid  your management to make key decisions and understand the business better.

    Our Queue management systems are mostly used in Telecom, Bank, Insurance, Retail, Health sectors, but many times one can see this solution in ticket offices, car repair shops, school service areas, rental offices etc…

    Businesses often suggest for the clients to book appointment in order to avoid crowd and timely waiting. Appointment system makes the human resources more effective with calculable schedules for the day. There is optional automatism available in the system, called rule. With the help of the flexible rules, management are informed instantly about extreme events happened in the branch by SMS or by email. Also SMS is used in the system to inform clients about the remaining waiting time. Ticket dispenser is often used as a marketing tool, advertisements can be displayed on its monitor.

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