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    Our Room Booking Systems

    Avoid double booking of Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms or Training Rooms  with our user-friendly  Room Booking system.  Book directly on the panel or online. When panel Turns Red, the Meeting room is occupied, Green signifies the room is available. Check on panel who and when the room is booked and which rooms are available.

    Manage room bookings via e.g. Outlook or the sleek touch-screens outside each meeting room, and present a wide range of customized information including availability, organizer, title and upcoming events.

    Room Display software can fully sync with Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, giving you and your users the flexibility to reserve rooms from any location and any device—no extra software needed! Unlike many alternatives on the market, Room Display software integrates seamlessly and effortless with most IT-policies. We believe that our customers should have the freedom whether they want to buy a complete meeting room display unit with support, or create their own software/hardware bundles. Our license-only option offers full customer flexibility for those organizations who prefer to configure a tailored solution.

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