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    Visual Communications Telepresence

    We design our boardroom audio visual solutions based on the needs of each individual client.  Our designs take into consideration room acoustics, room size and layout, existing infrastructure, collaboration requirements, ambient lighting conditions and the intended use of the room to produce an exceptional meeting experience. 

    With this Advancement in Technology, each and every organization need to move faster than ever and adapt to changing environment. It is important for the Organisation to interact with it’s customers and partners at a reduced cost. The time and cost involved in travelling from one place to another is a major challenge for having face to face meetings. This is where visual communication solution comes in, as it allows people to have real-time, face-to-face interactions among colleagues, customers, suppliers, as it cut the distance or location costs of these stakeholders. Apart from saving time and cost, such solutions helps organization in quick and effective decision making.

    NETCAST SYSTEMS, one of the most experienced and a market leader in providing visual communication solutions brings these solutions for its customers and in additions support and maintenance.

    Some features of our Visual Communications Solutions: 

    • High-definition video conferencing systems for clear picture clarity
    • Standards-based video, audio and data sharing
    • Wireless microphone systems for clutter free environment
    • Enhances data sharing facility with annotation features
    • Facility to connect one-to-one or one-to-many endpoints
    • Hi fidelity audio system for crisp and clear audio
    • Wireless intuitive touch control system for ease of control
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